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The Gypsy Warriors (1978) R1

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The Gypsy Warriors (1978) R1 – Movie DVD – Front DVD Cover –

Two Americans do unbelievable heroics just as France is being occupied by the Germans in the Second World War – and before the United States had entered the conflict. This is the sort of film that irritates some of us sensitive Brits, though your reviewer didn’t mind Tyrone Power being in the RAF and Humphrey Bogart being at El Alamein. The duo depart on a highly dangerous mission (apparently involving a “Satan bug”)with the minimal of briefing, exchange wisecracks as they descend into France by parachute, and link up with several gypsies, including a redundant girl.(Oh yes,the two are seen off by a senior officer who is driven up to their plane in a car with headlights blazing; presumably the Yanks didn’t think the blackout applied to them.) The two manage to penetrate a high-security laboratory – and I do admit that they have a novel way of getting their explosives in. Everything then seems to go off with clockwork precision.

The Gypsy Warriors

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