Why would you need a DVD or Blu-Ray Cover Replacement Archive?

  • as a backup copy in case the original cover gets destroyed, faded or lost (e.g. if you spill a drink or your children take it out of the case and tear it up). This way you can reprint the cover, even if it doesn’t look as original and professional (paper thickness, print quality). At least you have a replacement and the cover isn’t empty.
  • as an alternative cover to the original, depending on the version/release of the product (there are often several releases and different cover designs per film over the years, sometimes with different age restrictions and with or without an FSK logo for german covers). Some people do not like the original cover and go for an alternative version that suits them better (e.g. US version).
  • for digital archiving, if you save the film on your external hard drive, for example (assuming you own the original, for personal private use) and would also like to keep the cover and digitize it. Not every user has a suitable high-resolution scanner for this, which is why we offer this additional service.
  • some users use the high-resolution cover to create a background image (wallpaper) for their PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone – often even for their profile picture in an app (e.g. WhatsApp), which is further indirect advertising for the provider.

Why do you need an active membership?

While you can download low-resolution covers without one, these files require server space and bandwidth. Each cover can be up to 15MB. By becoming a member, you help us cover our monthly server costs. In return, you gain access to high-resolution covers and an ad-free experience.

How to scan covers?

  • Clean the cover and scanner
  • Flatten the cover being careful not to damage the scanner
  • Check the alignment of your cover in your image manipulation software and rotate it (use guides against the text to check it’s all straight)
  • Crop the image
  • Check corners and fill them using the stamp tool
  • Remove dust using the stamp tool or healing brush tool
  • If the spine is warped a little (it shouldn’t be if you flatten the cover) use the dodge tool to lighten or darken the raised and sunken areas
  • Set the contrast curves to an S shape, pulling in the dark parts to be black, the light to be bright but not exploded
  • Increase the vibrance, being mindful to keep a natural look for faces especially
  • Use the levels to sharpen a little more
  • Use color balance to increase the blues a little in the low end, the yellows in the mid range, and reds in the higher level
  • You cover should look clean and flat with full corners and a sharp image. Now save as a jpg up to 15 MB for this website.
    Remember that every time you save a jpg you lose a little data as your software recalculates and rounds up.

RGB color
600dpi (dots per inch to start and 300dpi for the final version)

If you save as a PDF you’ll end up with an embedded jpg. You can add more than one cover in that PDF if you have alternates. That’s useful for your own catalog.

Upload Covers:
You can easily contribute and add covers to our database, you need to be registered and logged-in to upload covers.

Download Covers:
Click on thumbnail inside each title to open the gallery then just right click and Save the image.

Print Covers:
You can use our tool for free to print dvd or cd covers!

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