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Nena – Oldschool (2015)

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Oldschool is the 17th studio album of the German pop singer Nena. Having received some negative publicity at the time of the release of her previous album Du bist gut for refusing in interviews to talk about the 1980s, Nena chose to celebrate the past with her next studio album, Oldschool. The first single released from the album “Lieder von früher” (Songs from the past) enthuses about the pleasure of dancing to old records and the title track (not to be confused with “Oldschool, baby”, Nena’s 2002 duet with WestBam) happily reflects on Nena’s being best known for a few songs from the 1980s. The album was produced by the Hamburg hip-hop artist and rapper Samy Deluxe and features a duet with Nena’s eldest surviving son, Sakias. Although published on Nena’s own record label, The Laugh and Peas Company, distribution rights were agreed with Sony Music, 22 years after the company dropped Nena as a recording artist following the indifferent performance of her second solo album Bongo Girl.

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