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Juno (2007) WS R1

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Juno (2007) WS R1 – Movie DVD – CD Label, DVD Cover, Front Cover

While most girls her age are busy upgrading personal page on myspace and shopping, Juno is the kind of teen smart and able to live life by her own rules.Starring Ellen Page, Juno presents a smart comedy about a teenager full of life,about to discover the effects of an unplanned pregnancy at age 16. After she became pregnant with the “help” of Bleeker (Michael Cera), whom he deemed most sympathetic classmate Juno family manages to find “perfect” for the futureand not just children, but by friend its best, Leah. Following the shock news thattheir daughter for he had just had sexual intercourse with “virile” Bleeker, the whole family joins forces to give teens all the support they may need. Rod’simagination became writer, Diablo Cody, Juno is a unique character, unlike anything that could be seen until the moment of genre films. Directed by Jason Reitman, creator of the famous film Thank You For SmokingJuno was bothcritical and public acclaim and enjoyed the spectacular collections of almost 90 million dollars, was nominated for four Academy Awards.

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