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      Can anyone make/edit a dvd cover that has these star wars fan films listed below? It would be awesome for the cover artist by the name of tmscrapbook to do it, he has alot of awesome covers on this website.

      – Star Wars: Revan
      – Knights of the Old Republic:
      Broken Souls
      – Darth Maul: Apprentice
      – Star Wars: Contract of Evil
      – Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade
      – Kenobi: A Star Wars Fan Film (to be released soon in 2019 by fan film actor Jamie Costa)
      – Star Wars: Beyond The Dune Sea

      And if it can be done, here’s some
      YouTube video game movie titles I’d like done as well…

      – Star Wars: Bounty Hunter
      – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I and Ii
      – Star Wars: Inferno Squad (from EA’s Battlefront II)
      – Star Wars: Ewok Adventures (to add to the the “Afer EP.VI” movies collection)

      I’ve been burning most of these on dvd to put in dvd cases with my officially made Star Wars DVD’s but can’t find or edit covers for them myself, so if anyone can make movie collection covers with titles listed, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m a huge, all-out Star Wars fan so Thanks in advance!

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