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I guess it is a matter of personal taste. To be honest, except for flattening the spine and the gold band and text, I prefer the un-retouched cover. As a former offset printer, I appreciate the effect of halftone when printing colors. Most of that gets lost during scanning and when the color saturation is increased it begins to look more “Plasticky” for lack of a better word. It’s sort of like the difference between “Sweet” and “Sticky Sweet” if that makes sense. Years ago, I used to print CDs in a Compact Disc manufacturing facility. The discs are silkscreened and if the correct density squeegee was used, you would get a clean image, with the correct colors, but if a squeegee was too soft, or worn, the ink would lay down too thick and oversaturates the colors. That’s the difference I see between the two covers that you shared for reference. The Gold looked weak in the original, but perfect in the redo. The characters and background of the original were a little weak, but I think the redo is oversaturated. I think if I was doing that cover, I might have tried to equalize the balance of the colors and left it at that. And whatever you did to fix the gold, of course. I print my covers on Premium Photo Glossy paper for my covers (except for the XBOX ONE covers I recently did. those were on a super bright white paper) And paper changes a lot of how it looks. It is interesting all the factors that can affect our projects, is it not? Enjoy!